What's your favorite aftershave splash?

    What's your favorite aftershave splash?

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    Right now I'm using the proraso green splash. While I enjoy the cool down, it does seem to dry my face out more than I like. Anyone out there that has a great splash that doesn't have an overly drying effect?

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    as for me....Old Spice or Clubman

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    I had a very sound boss who used to wear Dickinson's facial toner!


    $5 per 475 ml....

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    I prefere Eucerin balm. But of course you donīt receive that invigorating brass thata adds so many years to your face.

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    Hardly using aftershave in splash form lately, almost exclusively replaced by balm. But if I had to, I'd use to use the classic, inexpensive old school aftershave splash brands like (admitting this to my shame, considering that it may not be the first choice of both experienced wet shavers and fragrance fans): Old Spice, Pitralon, Tabac Original, Hattrick, Irisch Moos, 4711, Denim Original etc.


    All worked great on my skin, had good both refreshing, antiseptic function, but also very soothing, cooling and moisturizing for my skin (OK, it may be my skin type alone that suits these particular brands, but so far, very good value for money and overall good cooling, moisturizing, soothing etc. effect). 


    However, if I ever had to return to aftershave splashes and/or decided to do so sometime, I'd also like to test the higher end of this market segment (possibly including, but not limited to, ADP, Alt Innsbruck, TOBS, Truefitt&Hill, GFT etc.), as well as most designer and niche fragrances I like in aftershave splash form and concentration. Not out of snobbery or for lavish spending, but simply to know more about their price/quality-ratio, skin tolerability, testing impressions to be shared on Basenotes, evolution after a very close, demanding shave on sensitive skin etc.  

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    The only thing I really use is bump patrol or else I'll get razor burn and bumps wherever I shave
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    Acqua di Parma's Collezione Barberie has a splash/toner that is very gentle and mild. You could also try Eau Sauvage aftershave splash which has quite a lot of oil/moisturisers in it.


    Nonetheless, if your skin wants moisture, don't give it alcohol and that's my advice. Some great balms out there these days. To name a few - Castle Forbes, Weleda (my personal favourite), Roger & Gallet, L'Oreal MenExpert 24hr Hydrating

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    I usually only use splash in the hot weather. My skin isn't dry, just sensitive. Using balms in warm weather for me just makes my face to greasy/oily feeling. Now that it's cooling down I will start using balms. I just wanted to have a great splash backup when I run out of proraso. All suggestions help thanks!
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    old spice

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    Another great one is Lime Sec by Pinaud. This is what my barber uses on customers after haircuts and I bought a bottle of it off of him.
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    That's a big negative on the old spice. Truth be told I do like it, but my wife will not allow me to smell like her dad....maybe I'll look into that pinaud. I had clubman before I went to proraso.
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    Yea it's super cheap and very clean and refreshing. If you decide to try it let me know what you think JJ.
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    Will do. Do you use it all year long? Or only in the warm weather. I'm in Michigan so it's starting to cool off here...
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    Its great all year long IMO
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    Have you ever tried pinaud virgin island bay rum?
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    Yes it is also very good but just a different smell and much stronger as it is bay rum. The special reserve and vanilla pinauds are also very good just depends what type of fragrance you want out of it.
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    All right thanks!
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    Mennen Skin Bracer is still my favourite splash. It works nearly as well as a good balm.

    Other splashes which have a similar healing/moisturizing effect to Skin Bracer include many of the Trumpers splashes I've tried, and Halston Catalyst after shave splash. The Nivea for Men splash is also excellent, though it's not sold in Australia where I live, but is pretty common in Italy where I am vacationing.
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