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I came late to the perfume party. I had just been retrenched from my job and was forced into early retirement. At that very inopportune time, I discovered the wonderful world of perfume. It was a revelation and I spent like a drunken sailor on shore leave. It couldn't last. I got the ultimatum from my dear husband. I agreed it had to stop, and it nearly has.


So, I have begun to reduce my collection. I am trying to cull several hundred bottles back to 20-30 real 'must haves', easier said than done. I need to be deeply involved in something that brings me passion and excitement. So, I have opened an Etsy Shop, Ellandee, to market David's crafts and my paintings. Once I'd discovered vintage, the whole thing went horribly out of control. It couldn't be sustained, and I knew it, but like my addiction to cigarettes, it was a case of 'tomorrow, perhaps'.


Whilst I am not yet cured of the perfume addiction, I have actually been able to surf the net and have not bought anything for two whole months. It's a bit like the alcoholic pouring a drink and just looking at it, testing his resolve.:grin:


So, I shall now lurk on the forums and enjoy the things others have vicariously. I still enjoy the experience of reading about perfume so much, but haven't got the urge to buy anymore. So, am I cured? Perhaps.