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How do you tell these two fragrances apart ? !!!

The bottle design is identical and the colour of the fragrance.

I wanted and ordered Topaze, but the spanish website that had it clearly listed as Topaze has sent me a fragrance that doesn't mention the word Topaze anywhere on the packaging or bottle. On the outer packaging it says Histoire d' Eau. So I really don't know which one I've got. To add to the confusion they both contain almost identical notes !!! Yet the two fragrances are listed as having two different noses behind them, (Alberto Morillas behind Topaze - and Christine Nagel behind Histoire d' Eau) They were also both launched in 2002..........tres Bizarre !

Does anyone here own both fragrances ?

........and for even more confusion I have seen Topaze listed under the heading of "Histoire d' Eau - Topaze". There is a third called Amethyste, but the juice is purple so it's easy to distinguish that one.

You can see photo's and info/olfactory notes on the fragrantica directory

Thanks for any help on this.

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