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I'm going to start a little thread from time to time writing about a fragrance i dislike. If you are offended by opinions, then please, leave the thread. Furthermore, this is my personal opinion people.

Feel free to comment on the fragrance whether you dislike or not and why.

Joop! Homme

So i recently tested joop as ive been sniffing around department stores quite a lot lately to find a scent to purchase. Joop caught my attention as it was quite a popular fragrance, (top seller i believe). Anyway, i gave it a spray to test it out from reviews ive seen online etc. First, it came off super sweet, but didnt smell bad. I thought to myself "well, this isnt so bad" however, that quickly changed after about a minute. This rapidly turned into a gone off sickly sweet scent that was just a synthetic mess.

I go back a few days later to test it and same thing happens. pleasant for the first minute, then turns into a sugar coated trainreck. This stuff does not smell like a cologne. It smells like you're spraying juice onto your skin, yuck! In addition, the scent was overpowering and cloying. disaster.

'Real men wear pink'... real men dont wear this.