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Hello Ladies!

I am thinking of buying a perfume for my mother. I buy her perfumes whenever I travel abroad. It's become a tradition :) It's not easy to be a good boy nowadays :)))

I am leaving for Belgrade in 2 weeks, and I am in search of a nice perfume. I usually go to duty free shops,try some testers and decide.

I got her Britney SpearsCurious. She really liked it. Recently, I got her Versace Woman by Gianni Versace EDP. She liked this one, too.

This time I am looking for something morespecial.

I don't exactly know what kind of perfume she wants, cuz whenever I got her a present she goes ballistic :) It's hard to tell... You know!

The only thing she complains about in a perfume is sweetness. "Nahhhh... That's too sweet!" She would say :)

I am not gonna speak of my mother's age :) My mama taught me well. Hint:I am 24 years old, and I am her eldest son.:grin:Just kidding! She's in her early 50's.

What would you recommend?

Your help will be greatly appreciated!