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After a bit of time and searching, I got feedback from a Chinese supplier of good repute that they will order a distillation of Argyii this October, after which I'll get samples of the batch.


Artemisia argyi Levl. et Vant. is a herbaceous perennial plant with a creeping rhizome. It is native to China, Japan and the far eastern parts of the former Soviet Union. In Japan, it is known as “gaiyou” and in China as “ai ye”. It is used in herbal medicine for conditions of the liver, spleen and kidney [10].
A Published GC has Argyii with:
Borneol at 30%  ( camphoraceous, fresh, conifers, menthol )
Bornyl Acetate  @ 30%  Odor: Sweet herbaceous-piney
Use: Heart of pine note. It's suggested for use in household fragrances, but also in chypres, fougeres, and lavender colognes.
Spathulenol  @ 10%  earthy herbal fruity  sesquiterpene alcohol isolated from essential oils of artemisia vulgaris l. & artemisia dracunculus l..  
(And apparently Argyii)
That's all I can find presently.  It is not distilled very often.
Can I get a show of hands for how many people want to sample this?
Paul Kiler
PK Perfumes
10. Otsuka, K.; Shoji, J.; Takido, M.; Cho, S. A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Chinese Medical Herbs (I);
Chuokoran-Sha Inc.: Tokyo, Japan, 1992.