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It's now been two weeks since I discovered a small cache of red capped Ives Saint Laurent Pour Homme at a perfume wholesalers that I haunt a few times a month. I'd read about it, and once I even sprayed a little on a paper strip at a little perfume store, and at the time it had smelled like the inside of an ancient buick to me. Since that day I read a lot about colognes and even bought a few bottles, Paco Rabanne being one of them, so I threw caution to the wind and plunked down thirty bucks and walked out of the place with a bottle and then sprayed it on.
At first it did smell very strong and ancient and very citrusy, just like I remembered, but within a half an hour it turned woody and musky. It took a good hour for this cologne to really do its thing, and when it did, let me tell you, it's nice!
How to describe it? It smells refined, I get burnt caramel and citrus, wood, although not the wood scent in Cartier Santos, this is much lighter, and then there's the oakmoss. If you like oakmoss, you'll enjoy getting whiffs of this stuff all day. This cologne should be the poster child for oakmoss. It amazes me that this cologne that was formulated way back in 1971 By Mister Yves Saint Laurent himself, has so engulfed me that I not only not wear any of the other twelve bottles of colognes that I own anymore except for the occasional Encre Noir, but I don't even bother going into Sephora anymore, they simply don't sell anything that I want. It's a wonderful thing when you finally find "Your cologne".