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Hi, everyone. I've felt dumbfounded ever since receiving a sample of Amouage Homage Attar. This morning it came to me how to express it.

On my desk at this moment is a vase of fresh red roses. I smell them. Beautiful. Then I open my sample of Homage Attar for which "an entire field of rose petals is used to extract enough oil to fill just a tiny bottle" (cost $370) and, expecting a blast of rose, detect instead --- well, almost nothing rosy. In fact, the whole scent quickly fades away into oblivion.

Next I open my bottle of Rosa, Acua de Profumo from the Italian firm, L'Erbolario, and there, again, is the very pleasant rose I just smelled in my vase, brightened with something -- gardenia comes to mind -- and a base of something mild I can't identify. Not only that, but this perfume has longevity and spillage up the gazoo. One spritz lasts forever. Two is too much.

I took out a one-day free subscription to Fragrances of the World and find: oops, it's gone! Okay, luckyscent says the Attar contains: Rose Taifi, Silver Oud, Silver Frankincense, Jasmine, Amber, Citrus, Sandalwood -- which, IMO, all conspire to cancel each other out.

L'Erbolario's Rosa, at a cost of $39, gives me the rose scent I'd expect from "an entire field of rose petals."

Before I conclude Homage Attar is a fraud perpetrated on the luxury scent public (okay, cancel that, too dramatic), am I missing something?

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