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Actually there are two "h" words........

Hype and Hysteria.

The hysteria word belongs to the "r" word......reformulation.

While some reformulations are blatently obvious, perhaps due to replacement of natural mysore sandalwood with australian sandalwood or synthetic sandalwood - there are many reformulations I personally cannot detect, eg Obsession for Men. I have a bottle which I purchased the year it was released and another from this year. I can detect no difference whatsoever.

Another is M7. I have ther red sided bottle and the clear sided bottle. To me they smell identical.

I have a very old bottle of Kouros, (early 80's) and an recent bottle. To my nose, no difference.

I have an old bottle of Insense and newer retangular shaped tester bottle. I honestly can't tell the difference.

Does anyone else have similar experiences ?

Which reformulations would you class as........

Shockingly different/ barely recognisable compared to the original release.

Slight difference.

No noticable difference.

Thanks for your views.