Invasion Barbare vs Rive Gauche PH

    Notice about Huddler changeover here381277

    10/1/13 at 6:42pm

    claytonmarionneaux said:

    Ding ding...

    10/1/13 at 6:45pm

    dougczar said:

    IB.  No contest.  Not even in the same ballpark IMO.

    10/1/13 at 6:54pm

    Ryan247 said:

    Both masterpieces but i prefer IB

    10/1/13 at 7:05pm

    hednic said:

    Love both, but my vote of course goes to IB.

    10/2/13 at 6:31pm

    Andrewthecologneguy said:

    Invasion Barbare.


    RG is an exercise in audacity that came off well.  The cold steel juxtaposes the heat/steam that normally accompanies a barber shop experience.


    IB is a dedicated, luxurious barbershop scent. 


    Why not throw M7 into the mix?

    10/3/13 at 5:31am

    Tony T said:

    Invasion Barbare

    10/3/13 at 6:42am

    TurnerIII said:

    I have not coughed up the $ for Barbare- and may not as I have Rive Gauche and find it to be enough for my needs.


    Although layering RG with some Super Man by Al Rehab gives it a good boost and its my cocktail concoction for this cooler rainy  day!

    10/3/13 at 7:04am

    Jack Hunter said:

    Invasion Barbare.

    10/3/13 at 7:25am

    Kaern said:

    Not a fair match if you include the relative costs


    Love and own both

    10/6/13 at 5:32pm

    Andrewthecologneguy said:

    Originally Posted by Kaern View Post

    Not a fair match if you include the relative cost


    True statement.