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Hi BN'ers,

I have roughly $250 to spend. I am looking to get my first real niche scent. I own a few bottles of Creed (Aventus, MI and GIT) I don't really consider them niche as they are three of the trendiest nice frag's on the market.

Projection and sillage are a must for me.

I am in my young 30's, plan on wearing to work (suit and tie). I live in Orange County.

Some of my current fav's are:

1. TF TV (Can't afford the real thing, I got a hefty sample from the Nordstroms SA)

2. Pure Malt

3. TDH Edp and Edt

4. TF Noir de noir (see number one)

5. Versace Man (purple bottle)

Again, looking to keep it under $250, am totally open to buying afrom a discounter. Would