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Have been out of the perfume loop for some months due to various reasons, and fear I have may have missed some good roses.  I know there have been a few rose scents released this year that I've missed out on sampling. With limited finances, I'd like to begin sampling again - but can anyone suggest some good ones to try?


Also, any good oldies I may have missed?


BTW I diligently sniffed my way through everything on Rafaella's All About the Roses piece, and loved most of them.


My personal favourites tend to be pure rose, rosey florals, rose chypres and rose orientals.


My current wardrobe contains Paris, Ta'if, Bulgari Rose Essentielle, N'Aimez Que Moi, Or et Noir, Parfum Sacre and Shem el Nessim (the latter not terribly rosey but really good).