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I have always loved the Lauder fragrances and Beautiful was my first ever perfume given as a gift in 1986. It was in a (100ml) square-ish bottle, smooth clear glass with a gold lid. This bottle was long lost and forgotten. When I bought a new bottle of Beautiful about 2 years ago, i didn't like it as much. It was harsher/more prominent in the notes and more pungent. Just me I thought, as it was a long time since I wore it.
But after several years of hunting for my nostalgic 80's bottle, I was so excited to find the exact one in Germany through Ebay and snapped it up for a bargain. It was almost full and fresh as the day it was made.
The fragrance is definitely different! The old one is smoother, a little 'sweeter?', and the notes blend better. I think they have ramped up the lily or tuberose because new one is very blah on my nose when first sprayed. I now only wear my vintage , albeit sparingly. I an sure the formula has been altered - I know my nose!! Has anyone else noticed this?