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I finally got around to trying a small decant of Chanel's Cuir de Russie EdT over the past couple of days. I have a small sample of the vintage parfum and I must say that the modern EdT compares favorably. It's not as deep or leathery as the vintage, but pretty good considering its contemporary production. I am not particularly a leather fan, so the name turned me off for quite some time though I have warmed up to REL and Kolnisch Juchten recently.

Also surprisingly, I think CdR has the best preserved structure out of any modern Chanel I have tried save the non-concentree pour Monsieur. CdR in its current incantation would not be out of place on a 1920s shelf amid the likes of vintage Tabac Blonde, Habanita, l'Heure Bleue, Mitsouko, etc. CdR still has high quality ingredients that prominently feature Russian leather, birch tar, orris butter, civet, and sandalwood. I hope to complete a review on my blog this week.

CdR is certainly worth trying though I am sure it will not pique modern interests.