Dior Homme Intense - Laying them down like vintage wine as an investment?

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    10/6/13 at 5:19pm

    Kimpy said:


    Hi All,


    I am away in Tenerife at the moment and have just finish buying up all I can of vintage Dior Homme Intense.


    I must have travelled to almost every Perfume shop on the island over the past year and think I have now exhausted the supply.


    Above right are 6 x 100ml unopened boxes and 1 x 100ml opened - they date from 2007 to 2010, but I find the earlier years are much better.


    On the left is a part bottle and new unopened 100ml of the current version.


    These in the photo are what I have left in my Tenerife home, but I have managed to take back to the UK another 9 x 100ml bottles and 11 x 50ml bottles all unopened Silver collar vintage with the embossed boxes.


    I also have about 6 bottles of vintage in open boxes or part bottles for my own personal use, plus quite a few unopened current version bottles in 150, 100 and 50 ml that I managed to obtain at very good prices when on my island travels.


    As the world supply diminishes of these now hard to find bottles, Am I wise to hold on to them being that I see 100ml bottles on the internet already changing hands for upwards of almost £300?


    Do you think I will be able to clean up in a few years with a very healthy profit as I only paid between £53 and £67 for the 100ml bottles?

    10/6/13 at 5:25pm

    hednic said:

    Congrats on that haul! Don't know what the market will demand at the time you unload them, but for sure you should do quite well.

    10/6/13 at 5:25pm

    hednic said:

    Congrats on that haul! Don't know what the market will demand at the time you unload them, but for sure you should do quite well.

    10/6/13 at 5:32pm

    CapriDog said:

    To an untrained nose, there might not be much different between the vintage and the current. I do not think DHI will be discontinued in near future and your time horizon of just a few years might not be long enough to reap an adequate investment return IMO. However, if you have some changes and do not know what to do with it, I would go for it.

    10/6/13 at 5:43pm

    Kimpy said:



    I think the vintage is much better and longer lasting, you only have to hold a vintage and current version up to the light and the vintage version look far darker and more concentrated.


    I wear the current version during the day and by the afternoon it has all but vanished, however when I wear the vintage at night it is still there next morning.


    Both are very good scents, but I get far more complements when wearing the vintage version, especially if it is from 2007 or 2008 and more so from the 50ml bottles?

    10/6/13 at 5:49pm

    CapriDog said:

    I hope an average consumer is as knowledgeable as you are. Good luck!

    10/6/13 at 6:06pm

    CHSeifert said:

    Not worth it to be honest. Sorry.


    The reformulation is high high quality still.

    10/6/13 at 6:11pm

    heperd said:

    Might as well make some money back now from all of the people PMing you. Great idea this thread....

    10/6/13 at 6:15pm

    dougczar said:

    You have a very impressive collection of those now.  I am sure you will make a nice profit on those.  The longer you hold onto them, the more you should make on it.

    10/6/13 at 6:43pm

    mjones602 said:

    Holy crap that's a lot of DHI! Very nice.

    10/6/13 at 6:43pm

    Kimpy said:

    Not worth it?


    I bought these duty free at well below the retail price for the current diluted version, so surely I must be doing something right?


    Anyway, why are people currently paying up to £300 for an unopened 100ml vintage bottle?


    The laws of supply and demand must surely factor in and as time goes on, the supply will diminish and demand will increase.


    This can only mean an increase in the base price - This is how us capitalist make money!

    10/6/13 at 6:58pm

    mjones602 said:

    Well if you knew the answer, why'd you ask the question? Either way, as long as you're happy with it, it's all good.

    10/6/13 at 7:07pm

    timdoeswell said:

    Originally Posted by mjones602 View Post

    Well if you knew the answer, why'd you ask the question?


    Well put.


    He also joined BN just to ask that question, whereas I think that this post belongs in the "Today I bought" thread.


    OP I've little doubt that you made a good purchase, but the majority of people here buy fragrance to wear or collect, not so much for investing.

    If you'd have bought, say, that many mLs of Vintage Tabarome at a great price, you'd find a lot more oohs and ahs.


    And if you had found that many bottles of 4 Voleurs, I'd have flown over to England and robbed you :D


    (Kidding! I'm no criminal, but 4 Voleurs would certainly tempt me....)

    10/6/13 at 7:28pm

    1280adam said:

    Now take a screenshot of your inbox and lets see who's PM'd you about getting a bottle lol.

    You should be able to at least triple your money but the prices on eBay don't directly reflect what people are actually paying for it.

    I'd say you could get $155 - $175 all day for the big bottles and $115 - $135 for the smaller bottles.

    10/6/13 at 8:05pm

    aphexacid said:

    Originally Posted by mjones602