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Hey guys. This is my first post on basenotes, although I participate in a couple other fragrance blogs. I'm looking for help identifying a cologne I bought for my father about 7 years ago. I included some sketches and here's a few more things that may help:

- seems to not be a well-known cologne. I've been on fragrance blogs for just over a year but still haven't come across it.

- it was bought ata discount fragrance stand that was at my local mall in South Florida (around late 2006 I think and I also think the stand was called Elegance Perfumes.Not sure about this)

- It cost around $40-50.

- For some reason I think it had an Italian name and I also think it was just one word. It may have been on the bottle somewhere. I would NOT bet on this though!!! Just a hunch!

- The overall design of the top portion of the cologne reminds me of the Bulgari Black cap, except the black middle partis the sprayer that you push down which is covered by a clear window which is part of the lid which has the Bulgari Black-ish design on the edges. The sketches should help explain this. Also, the lid seemed to have an overall aquatic theme which reminds me of a submarine window. There is no removable cap - the lid is on hinges and when lifted, exposes the button which is pushed down and the spray comes out of a hole that's on the top part of the cologne (sort of like how A*Men sprays out of the hole that's part of the bottle).

- Clear or light colored juice

- Haven't smelled in years but I believe it was a citrus scent, although more mature than a sport cologne. Somewhere between a sport cologne and something like Declaration or Voyage d'Hermes.

Thank you to anyone who attempts to help! This fragrance means a lot to me. It reminds me of my father, who I bought it for 7 years ago (long before I was into fragrances myself). It was his signature fragrance after that. I know this is probably a strange post with the sketches and all LOL. I've looked everywhere for this, including on Elegance Perfumes' website and I couldn't find it. This is a last desperate attempt.

The areas I shaded in *lightly* with pencil were made of shiny silver plastic. You may have to enlarge the picture to see where this shading is.

Excuse the poor quality of my sketches LOL. Haven't seen this bottle in years and I'm not exactly an artist to begin with ;)

Thanks again!

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