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I recently asked for suggestions in another forum on what to put on my next sample order. When I did that I had to think of what perfumes I actually appreciated so far and I realized they were almost all what you would call "feminine" perfumes. Big florals, powdery, aldehydes ...

While there certainly are several classic ladies perfumes I don't like I can't think of a fragrance labeled as "masculine" that worked on me. I could appreciate them from a bottle but on me they just don't work. Particulary cirtrus fragrances turn into a sour mess! You know a "tried to cover up sweaty armpits" kind of smell. Jo Malones are a typical example. Old man with old cologne-smell. (And these are considered unisex even, I think).Do I have the wrong body chemistry for these fresh cologne type of juices? Poorhygiene? Are they just meant for that fresh post-shower hour?