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I'm looking for a new signature fragrance and I initially picked out Terre D'Hermes, YSL Rive Gauche and the Encre Noir as candidates to try out. I liked the YSL - it was pleasant, but nothing more. I was looking forward to the Encre Noir after reading many of the testimonials, but I was massively disappointed after trying it out; it felt extremely aggressive, almost acidic for the entirety of it's persistence - just an unpleasant fragrance all around for me.

Which brings me to Terre D'Hermes. My initial impression was mixed, due to the aggressive citrus top notes. But as the top notes faded, the fragrance brought forth by the middle and base notes (especially the cedar) was absolutely perfect, growing better and better as time passed. Honestly I'm pretty much sold on TDH, but I figured that I'd ask the good people of basenotes if they know of another fragrance that is similar in the mid and base range to Terre d'Hermes, but with less aggressive top notes (my girlfriend suggested that a more reserved, minty start would fit better than the citrus.)