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Where has this been all my life? Why did I never drop the dollars on it before?

I saw a nice tester bottle (capped and boxed) for sale at a reputable discounter. Pressed the button and I'm so glad I did. This is one of those fragrances that I fell in love with at the first wearing.

Not exactly a blind buy - I tested several times after its introduction in the early 2000's but just wasn't moved. I recall it being weaker than the juice in my bottle. Could it be possible that it was amped up in a subtle reorchestration? Everything else seems the same.

There isn't a social situation or a type of weather that this would be inappropriate for. Not a wussy fragrance though - its statement of "clean and classic" comes through very clearly. The most modern part for me is the musk that is discernable from the first whiff but really comes into its own in the drydown.

I'm going to track down the shower gel, if it still exists.