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So I've exhausted my search for anything in the similar vibes of Jazz.

I've come across Pasha (now serving as second-in-command) and am coming to the realization that my woody aromatic scents w/ slight sweetness (in cinnamon & mint,respectively)are coming to a halt.

I've attempted Tsar (too nice, gentlemanly),Safari (too raw, harsh, dry) & Lagerfeld Photo in its vintage formulation (too much lavender, harsh, & very dry) & figured "fresher" is the way to go.

I sampled Platinum Egoiste today @ Macy's & knew to hold off from that initial hit of harsh metallic (to mequite cringing) & am semi-smitten by it. It sweetens only slightly, but not in a way similar to Jazz or Pasha -- rather it's more of a balmy sweetness (a kind of balmy note I got from the original Egoiste, but obviously in a much fainter stroke).

It's rather floral, but in a synthetic, soapy way -- it's a similar feeling I get from Photo;however, it seems in a much more sophisticated way (whether or not it's the Chanel name pushing my persuasions).

I suppose I am just afraid of venturing out of my comfort zone -- I am afraid of the lacking sweetness to render it too solid, or I suppose toomasculine. Is this a common way to feel?

I like it, but it's not my particular favorite, not in my particular favorite fragrance category either -- does this hold you guys off from purchasing different frags? Or are we supposed to be out there & pushing the envelope (in this case with a scent which many seem to be classifying as "safe")?

You guys have much more knowledge than I do, & I know as always "Get it if you like it"...but have you yourselves ever found yourselvesin a similardilemma?

Thanx! & know in advance that I sincerely appreciate all your guys' never-ending consideration, time, & advice.