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Quick question gents:

I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with Eau Sauvage EDT since I bought it around a year ago. Sometimes I love it and it feels fresh, masculine and barbershoppy tradtitional and comforting and classy. Other times, it feels too old-fashioned and fecal and indolic rather than fresh. Right now I'm in the former camp.

From reading lots of posts on this and other websites, I see I'm not alone in being critical of this fragrance from time to time. I get the negative views some guys clearly have of it: fleeting and very poor longevity; way too old-fashioned; musty mothballs in the dry down.

Here's my question: I have not (yet) read negative comments from women about this fragrance. In fact, quite the contrary. Female opinion, as far as I can tell, tends to be very positive. These comments generally focus on the fragrance as "classy" and "sexy (animalic)" and so on.

Those of you who own or have owned Eau Sauvage, how does this fit with your own experience? Have the ladies been complimentary? Have you ever had negative feedback from the opposite sex wearing Eau Sauvage? Just curious.