Exist some chemical compounds that make more powefull the final scent of a fragrance?

    Exist some chemical compounds that make more powefull the final scent of a fragrance?

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    Hi, I'm new here...I think this forum is really interesting, I'm learning the art of perfume and it's good to shareknowledge with other people.

    I would to know that what contain exactly a professional perfume? Like a niche perfume...

    It's clear that takes the fragrance (essential oils, absolutes or aromatic molecules), ethylalcohol, water, ....

    I would to know if has some chemicals that make more powerfull the final scent or helps to have a better scent or anything...?

    Thanks for all.


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    For "exactly", you'll have to pay for an alalysis by GC-MS

    Yes there are many chemicals that provide much strength for making perfumes.

    I suggest that you learn through placing a query into the search field, like "Strong", and see what comes back...:


    Good luck in your quest.

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    Thanks PKiler for your reply!!

    But I think that I haven't explained well. I would to know if exist chemicals without odor that makes more strong and put it in the composition for stabilize or to harness the final fragrance.
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    yes this interests me too

    i have some nice little combinations

    but they only carry a few inches

    any hints

    if i add something strong like vetiver

    it kills off the more subtle scents

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    If there were such magical chemicals I think we would know about them by now. There might be some magical fairy dust, but I doubt it. The ability to create a strong fragrance resides only in the skill of the Perfumer, and his knowledge of the materials he uses. There are no magic odourless fixes to do the job for you.

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    Thanks David, I only would to understand how produce a profesional fragance, as know all the ingredients of one formula for lean better, with all posibilities.

    Then, In the final product only have; fragrance, water, ethyl alcohol and dpg??

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    Practice for eight years, you might get there. Why would you use water?

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    oux, I mustn't use water to finish the perfume? I have read somewhere that when I have the final formula I should mix the essential oils with the alcohol and water, it's not true?? :/

    And another question, the DPG is used to dilute the AO or EO only? Like the jojoba oil or fractionated coconut?

    Thanks David!!
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    Most fragrance raw materials are not soluble in water. There is some water present in a finished fragrance (concentrate in alcohol) because there is usually some water in the alcohol. Some people recommend adding a small amount of water to the finished product, the reason being that alcohol on its own can be very drying to the skin. I would advise against it however, as it is too easy to put in too much.

    DPG is used as a solvent.

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    Don't know where you got those figures from, but no, they are not correct. For a start the figures don't always add up to 100.0%

    Perfume 30.0%

    Alcohol (95.0% of 70) 66.5

    Water (10.0% of 70) 7.0

    Adds up to 103.5

    But most importantly, I doubt if you could get that much water into a product without it going cloudy. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think so.

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    Hello Carles
    The questions you are asking seem simple but the answers are very complicated, far far more complex than you realise at the moment.

    This is why David mentions eight years of training and practice. David is right that there are no magic ingredients, but there are some well known synthetic materials which can add a little fairy dust, like Iso E Super and musks, without changing the nature of your composition too much.

    I suggest that you visit Karen Gilbert's website and watch some of her videos for starters, and maybe buy her new book. This would be an inexpensive way to get a lot of basic knowledge without too much expense.
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    I must apologise about my comments concerning the various amounts ofmaterials in your final mix; obviously you add the right amount to make it up to 100.0%. My comments about the amount of water that is too much still stands.

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    hmmmm, David, you don't put water in yours final perfumes? I think that now I don't understandanything :S

    In other hand, yes I know this synthetic materials wich I can put more power or longevityin the final fragrance.But I would knew only the ingredients of a final fragranceplacedin the market,this has gone a bit of the subjectI wanted to ask, my fault, sorry.

    I only want to know, what ingredients comprise a perfume and % of this ingredients.

    1. EO, AO, Synthetics...

    2. Alcohol

    3. ...

    Nothing is placed for the fragrance does not become bad? or something...


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    I never put extra water into my fragrances. If you say you know what the "magical ingredient" is, do let us know.

    A Perfume is a mixture of chemicals that smell ( a mixture of Essential Oils, solvent extracts, and synthetics) diluted in Alcohol. For an extrait the amount of alcohol is about 80.0%.

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