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I haven't been on the forum in ages, hello!

I recently bought a few perfumes using a Japanese proxy service and unfortunately I cannot have them delivered to New Zealand where I live.

The perfumes are:

Demeter Snow (120ml, 99% full)

Prada Infusion D'homme Vetiver (100ml,half full)

Serge Lutens L'eau (100ml or 50ml, not sure, half full)

Demeter Hawaii Lava Rock (30ml, new)

Demeter Sushi (30ml, new)

Demeter Bird of Paradise (30ml, new)

All in original bottles but without boxes I think.

Unfortunately I cannot split these, I just need a Japanese address to send them all to. I would love for someone to offer me something in exchange that CAN be sent to New Zealand, but anything is better than them being thrown away.