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So I've recently found I'm addicted to sandalwood and that I'm choosing woody scents packed full of the stuff all round.

I've gone and got samples of Santal Noble (my SOTD for today), Bois de Turquie and Wonderwood. (I also have a sample of Sel Marin on its way, but I know that is a different kettle of fish altogether.)

I like Santal Noble but not sure I like it enough to buy it. There's something in there that's quite strong and it appears in the dry down. I don't get much sandalwood from this one, it's more of an incense/coffee/spice firework-display, with the smouldering remains having a very faint sawdust note, but primarily dominated by patchouli (this reminds me a lot of Montale's Patchouli Leaves). The opening reallyis great, but I'm not sure this is what I'm after. I can see why this is such a BN favourite though.

I've only tried Wonderwood in a store, along with several other scents, as you do so not enough testing done to form a decision. I have a sample on its way. Some day it may just arrive...

I had hopes onBois de Turquie but it is so faint and light I can't be bothered to even go through the notes and start to form an opinion. I think 4711 is stronger than this! Maybe a bad batch, but I don't care enough to even want to find out more!

So I'm not sure where that leaves me. Maybe I don't need a woody scent and Sel Marin will be my next purchase. Failing that, it could just be that I need to be patient and wait for Wonderwood or simply I have all that Ineed and nothing else will satisfy me:happy:

Any thoughts on the above scents? Am I asking for too much?