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So I'm reading Malcolm Gladwell's book Blink. To break it down to its simplest meaning the book is about how our subconscious allows us to make more accurate, quick decisions compared to when we have too much information. Basically the extra information muddys the water compared to when we "thin slice" pieces of information and break decisions down to their simplest form. There are numerous studies and examples included.

In one section they talk about a researcher who was doing multiple experiments regarding the above. Some on speed dating and one on consumer decisions. They took high end, exotic jams and and set up two different tasting booths. One had 6 of the jams. Another had 24 jams. Most thought more choices for a wide variety of consumers would be better. However, 30% of people purchased a jam from the 6 choice booth and only 3% from the 24 booth. The thought is that people's subconscious becomes paralyzed when presented with too many things to consider.

This hit me regarding this hobby. I actually miss the days where there were less scents. Once I joined here my new knowledge of all of the niche houses, etc has made it hard on me. Even designers have exploded with so many choices compared to when I just knew, Armani, for example. Anyone else feel this way? Too many choices so you'd rather buy nothing compared to sticking with the basics? I guess on a site like this many will like having large collections of more things. I actually buy less now because I can't decide. Food for thought. Might be a boring topic but it interested me.