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Looking for incense with a slight sweetness. If Interlude is it, then that is no prob - but something more wearable, particularly in an area where last minute Xmas shopping can frequently be done in shorts, would be nice.

Not looking for a cedar or pepper bomb. Also not looking for much vetiver, as it is a very strong note to my nose and dominates most of what I have tried with it as an ingredient.

Timbuktu - all vetiver
2 Man - smells like incense, but don't care for the opening, and it dries down to... all vetiver
L'Air du Desert Marocain - kinda medicinal, not incense-y as sometimes stated. Nice frag, not what I'm looking for in this case (does that rule out Ambre Sultan?)
Bleu de Chanel - yes, weird to throw this in, but it is supposed to have incense, and I only get the citrus from the grapefruit and lemon, nothing else.
Tommy Bahama original - all cedar and pepper, with a very rare waft of wood smoke, no incense as others get
Jubilation XXV - the only other Amouage I've sampled. too sweet for the complexity, imo.

This may also help, I have sampled these scents and this is my order for going from ambery-vanillic to increasing spicy-herbal and/or smokiness for my nose. My preference also runs the same, except the Nereides is better than the Tauer for what I want, but it is more sweet than smoky.

ambre 114 -> amber precieux -> led nereides opoponax -> l'air du desert marocain -> interlude man