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Did a search as I remember reading a couple threads about uplifting fragrances a while back.  Turns out it has been a few years.  So with winter coming and the doldrums that sometimes follow... what scents do you find uplifting?  What puts a smile on your face or makes you feel outgoing and good?


A couple I have run across in my own journey: 


- YSL L'homme: it's probably the ginger in here, but maybe the slight bubble gum to the base that always feels "fun" to me. Easy to wear anytime. 


- GIT by Creed: Always makes me feel happy after I put it on.  Lemon blast plus that lovely green base creates an inviting bubble around me. 


- Dolce & Gabbana pour homme (vintage): I find this one very similar in feel to YSL L'homme.   A little more awakening with the black pepper zest. 


- Gucci Rush / Pal Zileri Sartoriale: Blast of birch and cedar with a warm tonka base.  Wish the ride lasted longer. 


- Paco Rabbane 1 Million: Yeah, I know a lot of people hate it.  But it smells fun and upbeat with it's pink bubblegum feel.  It invite people in if not over applied and says "hey I am a fun guy, come talk to me"