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When you own a fragrance and it becomes discontinued does it then mean more or less to you? For instance the people who own gucci ii, are you going to feel any different about your bottle once it's out of production? For me, I prefer my fragrance to still be in production and sometimes even sell it once it gets discontinued. For a collector though this would always be a good thing as far as their collection goes, but excluding the whole collecting aspect and focusing only on the one bottle that's discontinued, do you feel different about it like it's just a thing of the past? I'm talking more than just worrying about running out and having to buy another bottle at inflated prices. I've just thought of this concept when I discovered I like 2man and Gucci pour homme roughly the same and sprung for the 2man, which sells for close to the same rate in price, just because it's still "current". Maybe deep down I feel like supporting whats still current so that it eventually doesn't become extinct..