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$200 for 18ml is expensive, though it's very concentrated. One spray of Puredistance M is probably equal to 4 sprays of the average fragrance. So it's really like paying $200 for 80ml. Though, I will save my money because this is not a fragrance I like and I wouldn't pay $5 for 18ml of it.

If you look at the notes, you'll find nothing objectionable, yet when they combine together and I actually smelled the fragrance, it doesn't pan out all to well. The cinnamon and vanilla are standouts, but there is a spicy note (likely a heavy dose of cumin or turmeric) which ruins the entire experience. It's also needlessly dense (just so they can package it in a chic little sprayer) and cloying.

The main note most people talk about is the leather, which I do detect, but it doesn't do anything particularly well. Some people have mentioned Tuscan Leather as a comparison, but Tuscan Leather is a hundred times better, and it's more focused as well. The leather in here is simply muddled in a combination of woods notes that don't work well together.

It's an old school fragrance (much like the 70's or 80's powerhouses) and it reminds me of Davidoff's Zino. So, I would recommend to the kind of people who want an old school powerhouse with a little bit of sweetness in it. They might like it, but to everyone else, I would avoid it like the plague.

There's a decent fragrance inside here somewhere, but as a whole, it's mostly ugliness to me.


1. What are your opinions of this fragrance

2. Would you (or have you purchased this)

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