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This stuff is holy grail quality. I have a sample and just reserved half a bottle from a generous splitter from our very own site.
Beautiful and classy fragrance. It's sooo well blended and beautifully put together. It changes so much in the opening and each stage is just like wow--wowww-WOW
I'm not a huge fan of the "fresh" type fragrances but this has some amazing freshness mixed with spices that really just makes you want to take a deep breath of it. Like a naturally growing herb in the Forrest on a foggy morning. But it's WAY more complex than it. I'm just not really good at portraying scents.
On the dry down the grapefruit kicks in for me
and stays throughout.

The only downside to this frag is the longevity/projection frown.gif
It becomes VERY close to the skin after a few hours (2 or so); however it has been on for 5 hours now and I can still smell it (mind you, this is only a vial tester so the poor longevity/projection can be due to this reason alone).

Nonetheless, a 9.5/10 for me
Well crafted and well done
Normally I won't justify high price tags but man this stuff oozes class and will make an average joe into a CEO, lawyer, doctor etc
Someone who when you see on the street, you know right away he owns a fat mansion and a Ferrari.

I have to add, the firs time I wore was at home and my gf doesn't really like fragrances at all. She says my whole collection smells like old grandmas (lol). However, when she got a whiff of this one, she said wow come back what is that that you are wearing?! It smells really good! She only gave it an 8/10 but that's REALLY HIGH considering she gave tobacco vanille a 6 and everything else as well lol
Also, today I finished the sample up as my girlfriend and I were heading out to dinner. I live in a codo complex, and we got in the it stopped on the second floor a 30 year old man walks in with his kid and goes WOW who smells really great in here?!? And my gf automatically points at me. He was a little embarrassed but then he was like shoot, good for you man, I'm loving it! Haha
I get compliments here and there but never from a guy (besides my friends). That's how good this stuff is.