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Have many of you tried this one? I just bought it blind, got it in the mail and wore it yesterday. I am very impressed! It gets compared to Ambre Narguile a lot, and I definitely see that. It is a dead ringer for Ambre Narguile in a lot of ways, but it has more to it. It may just be my less-than-reputable nose, but I get a blend of Pure Havane kind of smell with some tobacco-cherry notes alongside the apple pie. This also has a more noticeable dose of amber in the base, and a bit of rum in the top notes. 


I feel like this is seriously overlooked when it comes to cheap, good fragrances. The stuff is only like $55 on Amazon (it's not always available for some reason though, but I think you can order it from different distributors online). I know the topic of it being a cheap alternative to AN is talked to death, but no one seems to talk about it and its own merits. This little guy is an Italian gem! It has more to offer than the straight up apple pie and sickening sweetness of AN, and I think we should consider its origins and not its comparisons to other fragrances (even if I just did that...:P). 

So yeah, anyone have thoughts about this stuff? I feel like those that don't like AN would probably still dislike Dolcelisir, but it is a great, inexpensive fragrance to have in a collection for Fall/Winter.