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I love patchouli and like it best in scents that highlight it as the named player.  The problem is that my skin seems to eat patchouli "solinote" frags alive.  I almost thought I was becoming anosmic to it until I got an observer to confirm that after 10-plus sprays of Keiko Meicheri's Patchoulissime, all they could smell was a trace of patchouli.  I guess it's not a bad thing, to have patchouli morph to a warm natural skin scent - I certainly haven't had anything but compliments on it.  Do I just need a stronger patch scent?  I don't expect something like L'Artisan Patchouli Patch to be loud and proud after a few hours, but even the Reminiscence does this on me.


I have to re-sample the Mazzolari Patchouli - I remember it was dry (to my liking).  How about Montale Patchouli Leaves?  I hear that's strong and lasting enough to clear out a subway platform at commute hour.


Thanks as always for your input.



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