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  • Royal Princess Oud by Creed

    by rbaker

    The opening is pleasant: a slightly sweetish bergamot, with a soft violet and a good jasmine making a gently fresh-floral mix. The drydown adds a smooth patchouli - no harshness here - with a restrained aldehydic - at tunes nigh-fruity-ozonic un...More

  • Russian Oud by Areej le Doré

    by purecaramel

    Unisex!? Maybe. I would say this is pretty, certainly, however, in a way that matches to the Masculine skin. It starts with a rude barnyard and transitions like an Oud Oil to the body of the story. I hoover and identify a great wack of Labdanum, wrap...More

  • L'Homme de Coeur by Divine

    by Sniffers

    Quite a pleasant and beautiful scent...A tangy fresh green , slightly woody/ herby iris sitting on a plank of wood...not a big fan of iris fragrances , but i really like how this smells...strrikes me as a very inoffensive fragrance that is perfectly ...More

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