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    • Cala by Bravanariz

      by kingofengland

      Bravanariz is Juniper Ridge on steroids, a super-hyped Spanish version of the American brand. Not so much perfumery as communing with nature, proudly going beyond the industry’s regulations to bring you the real ale of the fragrance world. You kno...More

    • Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors

      by kingofengland

      Very smooth natural smell evocative of forests. Fir balsam and certainly pine needle absolute do have a fruity aspect, which has been skilfully brought out in this perfume. Slumberhouse has done the same thing with Sadanne, with a pronounced straw...More

    • Freeway by 4160 Tuesdays

      by Francop

      I truly love this fragrance, so addictive, uplifting, green & long lasting. Best of the House so far... Double Thumbs up!!...More

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