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    • Windsor pour Homme by English Laundry

      by speedracer

      Sweet cinnamon and clove opening, kinda like Spicebomb but more mature. Has something like an old aftershave smell. I'm blaming the oakmoss because that's the only note that seems to feel old school. Thereís definitely things I like about this in th...More

    • The Peradam by Apoteker Tepe

      by cazaubon

      A stunning, compelling scent. For me it is an animalic iris sandalwood, the lily isnít very prominent or long-lasting on my skin. Truly unique, and sadly discontinued. The whole Apoteker Tepe line was very interesting and original, I feel lucky to ow...More

    • Leather Man by Dame Perfumery

      by JBS1

      I spray my faux suede jacket with Dame's Leather and get decent results from it. I also spray the inside collars of my leather jacket with Dame's Leather. It's cloth material , and I also get decent results from it. You will need to decant for the da...More

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