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  • Eau de Réglisse by Caron

    by HouseOfPhlegethon

    Not bad but, doesn't last on me. A blast of orange, basil, and lemon verbena on top gave this promise. I get no licorice whatsoever. A bit of patchouli in the middle; a bit of vanilla at the end. A good quickie for spring weather....More

  • Figuier Fleur by Fragonard

    by rbaker

    Light, fresh, a brightness the combination of neroli and bergamot delivers. It blends in beautifully with the freesias, magnolia, and the whiffs of oleander I get on the floral side. Nutmeg, cardamom and a herbal note are present towards the end, ...More

  • Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Speake

    by freewheelingvagabond

    Brisk, conservative lavender - very English. The lavender is paired with a restrained peppermint, similar to the one in Cuba, which livens up the composition. Rosemary is vaguely discernible in the accord, but adds a suave herbal freshness to the...More

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