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    • Scent No. 17 - Civet Chypre by Cognoscenti

      by rogalal

      This is pretty much exactly as advertised: a bergamot-heavy green chypre over a civet musk base. It's like someone took the top of Diorella and put it over a Shalimar-inspired base. Does it work? Yes, basically, but probably not for everyone. I...More

    • Collection Grands Crus : Oud Wa Misk by Berdoues

      by rogalal

      This is quite good. It smells, as advertised, like oud and musk, but with a strong leathery character as well. The oud is quite westernized, smelling more like saffron than actual oud, while animalic musks, both clean and dirty, melt underneath. ...More

    • Au Crépuscule de Lavande by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

      by rogalal

      According to the notes, this is an incredibly complicated smell, but to my nose it all boils down to finely spiced tonka. Dawn must be using a hell of a tonka absolute - it's vanillic and bready and toasted, lightly floral (presumably from the lav...More

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