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  • Pasha by Cartier

    by Bavard

    I agree that this is somewhat similar to Tsar. Comparing side-by-side, I prefer Pasha. It's warmer and woodier. Tsar seems stronger/louder and sharper/screechier. YSL fragrances such as Jazz and/or Jazz Prestige also came to mind, but I don't have th...More

  • Selperniku by January Scent Project

    by HouseOfPhlegethon

    Highly artistic. I could wear this on special occasions. The apricot, cardamom, and immortelle are luscious. The petitgrain and cypress hint at their presence. There exists a touch of nutty sweetness with the cardamom. I get a salty, lemon infu...More

  • Santos by Cartier

    by Bavard

    Santos is a delicious, woody fragrance. I just have a little sample to dab on, likely the vintage/original version, but I'd love to have a big spray bottle to wear large doses. ...More

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