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    • Stetson Black by Stetson

      by Zealot Crusader

      Stetson Black is a strange and far-reaching masculine that tries to ape the style of many popular late 80's and 90's scents. I can gather that the target demographic Coty was trying to reach with this stuff was assumed to not particularly care about ...More

    • Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum by Estée Lauder

      by rbaker

      The opening has a discreetly summery undertone, with a soft bergamot joining a pleasant mandarin and a smooth jasmine to create a nice jasmine; the latter floral blends in nicely with the brighter notes. This is not a full-on refreshing opening thou...More

    • Les Exceptions : Hot Cologne by Thierry Mugler

      by freewheelingvagabond

      Hot Cologne is Mugler's new take on cologne with two novel aspects: a wonderful 'green' note of coffee assimilated within a cologne structure, and a peculiar temperament - something that imparts a 'hot' contrast to the traditionally refreshing notes ...More

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