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    • Gold Man by Amouage

      by epapsiou

      Stardate 20171120: A floral of bygone era. Lots of white flower and indoles. Aldehydes are the right amount here (not crazy like No 5). A great solid juice. Not going to be popular with men for sure. Reminds me a lot of Joy...More

    • Oud Wood Intense by Tom Ford

      by Buzzlepuff

      A dark spiced oud wood that has tobacco with charcoal aroma at opening which evolves into a leather scent which stays to some degree throughout the fragrance life. Oud is shrouded in dark tar and birch stained leather that smolders in the background...More

    • Portraits : The Uncompromising Sohan by Penhaligon's

      by Buzzlepuff

      The Uncompromising Sohan is a brass eagle capped, 2017 arrival to the Penhalgon's Portraits fragrance series. This bottle is another in Penhaligons collection of rose centric fragrances that pair rose with berries, contrasted with saffron, pink pepp...More

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