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    • Casamorati 1888 Regio by Xerjoff

      by Sniffers

      Off the top of my head I would say that Xerjoff probably has a half dozen variations of the Italian Citrus cologne type of fragrance...i find this one to have a nice citrusy opening with more of a " green " flavor...then, the carnation/gera...More

    • Oud Essentiel by Guerlain

      by notspendingamillion

      Synthetic oud, which seems to straddle the line between the medicinal and rubbery variety. Reminiscent of the oud in Leather Oud. I like the sharpness that the saffron brings in the begining. The rose here is more tame than in other rose/ouds I ha...More

    • Harem Rose by Fort and Manlé

      by flathorn

      A winsome vetiver and cashmere-dusted rose. It is this from beginning to end, appealing and pretty. It begins more rose and ends more cashmere. Fragrances can open very 3D - rounded, full, alive. Harem Rose is one of those, as are many. And as is th...More

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