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  • Vanille Noire by Yves Rocher

    by Darvant

    A well calibrated synth woody vanilla with fruity accents (never overly sultry a la Bottega Verde Vaniglia Nera). Subtle, dry and close to skin. ...More

  • Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

    by Vmaster

    Being a child of the 80's, this brings back good memories. An unapologetic lightly sweetened non-hippy patchouli powerhouse of a fragrance that will not only beat you over the head, but will kick you for good measure as you're laying on the ground. ...More

  • Beach Hut Woman by Amouage

    by kumquat

    This reminds me of lychee. I'm just not a fan. And the overall sense is one of apricots, oddly enough. It's great if you like a pseudo-apricot scent. I don't get much other than that. Vaguely reminiscent of an aldehyde such as 'Y'....More

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