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    • Godolphin by Parfums de Marly

      by Xaterian Stormrage

      Fruity-green leather opening: I find this heavily sweet on initial applicant. Too much so: florals and fruits are predominant and the leather falls back too much. It smells a bit cheap to me, like a Tuscan Leather clone. Part of the cheapness co...More

    • Cologne Intense Collection : Bronze Wood & Leather by Jo Malone London

      by speedracer

      Smells similar to Gucci Guilty Absolute, same metallic band-aid smell. However, this isn't near as harsh and also seems to emphasize the leather more. The drydown feels warm at first and then almost soapy many hours later. This is the best performing...More

    • Montmartre by Sixteen92

      by Kitty2Shoes

      For those who have already tried or owned Bruised Violet by the same line, this is double the powder and double the floral notes. Montmartre is also extremely similar to HdP's Moulin Rouge without the cold cream notes, instead silk and a bit more sw...More

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