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    • Yendi by Roberto Capucci

      by Starblind

      A beautiful and almost-innocently green fragrance that simply invites neck-nuzzling. It opens fizzily and then progresses to a slightly fruited and balsamic green that conjures the best parts of CHANEL No. 22 and CHANEL No. 19, combined. If this is, ...More

    • Fucking Fabulous by Tom Ford

      by flathorn

      Fucking fair-to-middling....More

    • Grimm by Sixteen92

      by Kitty2Shoes

      Opens with an odd sharp note of Scandinavian licorice - the uber salty type. After a few moments a strange hint of mint that blossomed into a metallic earthiness. The immortale in Grimm is very deep damp soil aura to it and light trail of smokiness l...More

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