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    • Sunny Yellow by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

      by Sunnyfunny

      The only formulation currently available is a roll on oil. It's a bright citrus, heavy on the lemon. Sandalwood comes in veeeeeery lightly at the very end. It's pretty and cheerful, linear, fleeting, and has absolutely no projection. Maybe it's t...More

    • Hindi Oud by Illuminum

      by rogalal

      Wow - this one is a trip. It starts off with flowers - I recognize the expensive-smelling jasmine, rose, and tuberose Illuminum uses fairly regularly. And then things get weird. A huge shot of indoles comes up, along with some funk from the tubero...More

    • Peony & Blush Suede by Jo Malone

      by rbaker

      The opening is a nice floral, but the very first impression I get though is a fruity one, on the citrus side, ripe Boskoop apples mainly. Then the floral side kicks in, which is mainly Peony initially indeed. The drydown adds an agreeable rose ...More

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