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    • Black by Kenneth Cole

      by Zealot Crusader

      Oh Kenneth Cole, you are so 2000's it hurts, but I love you for it. That initial 2002-2006 run will always live in infamy as a time of chemical-induced tackiness which is the utter bane of existence for more "scrupled" male fragrance connoi...More

    • Amanece la bella Cibeles by Loewe

      by Francop

      Feminine fragrance right from the start; very fruity & rosy for the first hour; then the miracle turns into a musky sweet comforting never ending dry down which is truly delicious and unisex. Very nice indeed... ...More

    • Berlin by Gallivant

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      Sweet & sour notes on top. The clementine is a nice change of pace. Pepper pops. Tea in the heart, is not strong - it's gentle. More spicy tart pepper. Vetiver rises up from the base notes. It's vibrant. The usual woody, somewhat bitter ce...More

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