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    • Viking by Creed

      by rbaker

      The opening blast combines a fresh bergamot with a spicy herbal undertone. Quite interesting. When the components become clearer and more differentiatiated in the drydown, there is the gradual development of a fairly bright and somewhat edgy pa...More

    • Héritage Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

      by Zealot Crusader

      Guerlain Heritage is an interesting notion in masculine perfumery: It was a firmly traditional affair created by Jean Paul Guerlain, the same nose who took over the reigns of the business when it was still family-driven, and revolutionized the house ...More

    • Leather Oud by Christian Dior

      by Zealot Crusader

      I am not privy to very many "Privé" scents, and am excluded from most "exclusifs" mainly due to prices, which can be comparable to cherished discontinued scents even when new, but through the good fortune and kind hearts that have...More

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