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    • Malik al Taif by Areej le Doré

      by flathorn

      Taif rose is one of my least favorite rose essential oils. It’s a damascena rose grown in a specific area of the world and in a specific environment that brings out the green aspect of rose, along with a kind of tart or lemony note, a sort of geraniu...More

    • Eau Sauvage Parfum (2017 version) by Christian Dior

      by speedracer

      I get that many people associate this with citrus but to me, the star of the show is the elemi in the base which comes off as a waxy, green-amber resin. Very interesting note, like absinthe, similar to the effect of something like the licorice/anise ...More

    • Spanish Cedar by Czech & Speake

      by Constantine

      Excellent smoky woody fragrance with some spice that does not smell like the inside of a sauna. Very well done. Strong and linear so you only need a little. If you are having difficulty getting hold of Creed Spice and Wood which is superb and has th...More

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