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    • Aura by Thierry Mugler

      by PerfumePorMoi

      The first time I tested this I recoiled in horror. The opening was downright awful, wintergreen toothpaste grafted onto a set of abstract tropical florals as conceived by a pyschopath—a hostess gift for the bride of Frankenstein. But about an hour...More

    • Chypre imperial by Bienaimé

      by rbaker

      Apart from some whiffs of bergamot, I get fruity and floral core in the top notes. The main component is a peachy-pear mélange with a smooth velvety Bulgarian rose, and and all is blended so beautifully such as to create a beautifully balanced unity....More

    • Boss The Scent Private Accord for Him by Hugo Boss

      by speedracer

      The opening is like a chocolate coffee with some Baileys, smells sweet and complex. This lasts for maybe an hour? After that, the drydown is still better than the original The Scent but not near as complex or even chocolatey as the opening. Perfor...More

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