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    • 7 Loewe Natural by Loewe

      by tinfoilhatdude

      I couldn't give this a neutral rating, it's just too well made. It's too sweet in swamp country for my intended purpose, so that's my only issue with Loewe 7 Natural. It's not an edible sweetness, but an aquatic type, that's the best way I know ...More

    • Genghis Khan by Marc de la Morandiere

      by Brooks Otterlake

      If you're familiar with 1980s masculines, you've likely already smelled some things that will remind you of Genghis Khan, and if someone had presented me with an unlabeled sample and told me it was an obscure Aramis scent that had been lost to time, ...More

    • Grand Néroli by Atelier Cologne

      by rbaker

      The neroli in the opening blast is beautiful- fresh, bright with restrained sweetness and a glowing undertone - and touched up with glimpses of bergamot and lemon. The drydown continues with the neroli, with galbanum, a whiff of cardamom and a t...More

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