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    • Panama 1924 : Millésimé by Boellis

      by epapsiou

      Stardate 20190820: This is so much better than Declaration. A sophisticated and refined version. The musk, Ambrette and coriander add a good deal of skank to it. The beauty is the balance. The spices and jasmine tea counterbalances the skank and ...More

    • Nuit d'Orient by Coryse Salome

      by Kitty2Shoes

      Yummy vanilla opening with a touch of mint which lends an air of iciness for the first few minutes and settles in the background. The sandalwood and orris continue the smooth, thick, and creaminess of Nuit d'Orient and rounds out to a most pleasing ...More

    • Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills

      by Kitty2Shoes

      Heavy cherry jolly rancher/cherry cola opening with blackcurrent/deep red berry notes. Odd mix of fruits that barely works together - there is a conflict of interests going on rather than a blended harmony. Red settles down to an overall floral buz...More

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